“Nataliya Robinson, a renowned Russian facialist in the little black books of the well-to-do, has just brought out her face and scalp massage rollers  “


Lesley Thomas. The Sunday Times 

The verdict I float out into the street feeling relaxed, refreshed and incredibly clean. Nataliya presses a tiny bottle of orange powder into my palm. ”I can’t tell you what’s in it”, she whispers. ”It’s a secret. But you’ll never get spots on your chin again.” . She’s right – within 24 hours my skin looks clear, bright and healthier than ever and the spots on my chin, which I’ve battled with for years, have completely vanished. This former skincare refusenik is about to become horribly high-maintenance.

The Sunday Times

Hi Nataliya! Just wanted to say thanks for telling me about the Vitamin E capsules. My skin feels so much better since I started using them. It’s much less dry and the redness has gone down quite a bit. Amazing stuff! So happy I found you.

My client, Sarah

The Skin Whisperer . Not for nothing has Nataliya Robinson’s European Facial earned her the queen-of-perfect-skin crown.

Daily Mail, YOU, by Bella Blissett

Be prepared to have a facial you actually want to marry. That doesn’t even make sense, which is what happens to a person when they fall in love-Nataliya Robinson bespoke facials are the stuff of legend. You’ll fall hook, line and sinker.

Tatler, “The IT List”, Mariella Tandy

Finding your perfect facialist is the beauty equivalent of hunting down the Holy Grail – near impossible. Locating one who operates outside regular working hours is downright miraculous. Clever us, then for tracking down expert therapist Nataliya Robinson who ticks both boxes and manages to bring you into a state of total bliss in the process.

Maria Milano, Instyle.co.uk

She lathers (homemade) calendula flower and aloe vera cleanser onto my cheeks with her silky-soft angel hands. It’s bliss.

The Sunday Time Style, Ellie Austin, journalist

It wasn’t just my face she lifted, it was my entire being. Hands down the best facial I’ve ever had.

Chrissy Iley, journalist to the stars

Leading London facialist and skin fixer to the famous, Nataliya Robinson, specialises in holistic and natural acne treatments…