The Best London Facial ; She’ll scrutinise skin – intently, beneath a huge magnifying light that would do any microbiologist proud – before applying special masks to prise open pores, and tackling blemishes…..


Her treatments are every bit as robust as the hi-tech alternatives, and get jaw-dropping results. She starts by grading my skin according to the Fitzpatrick scale (a numerical classification for skin colour, it gauges sensitivity to UV light) and gathers a history of my scarring (when and why the scars occurred in the first place). She also assesses lifestyle, personality and menstrual cycle. ‘As we age, our oestrogen levels drop 
and our skin becomes thinner and more vascular,’ she explains as 
she tucks me into layers of goose down and towelling.

Charlotte Edwardes, journalist

Dear Nataliya – just wanted to say thank you and wish you a wonderful sunday evening! After your trearment my skin looks much better, the pimples are not swollen anymore and they are fading. I only had 2-3 minor spots coming out but i control them with the little cream you gave me. Im also using all the cosmetic products you’ve recommended! And taking vitamins now. When i visit you at the end of April i think and hope will look much better than last time. Thank you again for everything! Everything you’ve taught me it’s really healthy and helpful!

My client, Catalina