About Nataliya Robinson

Nataliya Robinson is a skilled facial therapist with over 20 years’ experience and a passion for perfecting the skin. She believes in a holistic, hands-on approach: an ethos that brings your complexion into balance, and makes it beautiful once more.

My knowledge goes beyond the skin to encompass overall health; after all, a clear complexion starts from the inside out.

Background & Education

Nataliya’s interest in skin health came about after her own experience of acne as a teenager. It was the start of life-long investigation – what causes breakouts? How do you achieve a clear complexion? Her empathetic approach reassures those that come to see her. She understands the effects that problem skin can have on self-esteem, and works with you to address it. It is an education, and a journey.

Treatments take place at Nataliya’s discreet Chelsea clinic. Here, professional skincare methods and technology are combined with botanical formulations, enabling Nataliya to treat a wide variety of skincare complaints. Her advanced skincare solutions are gentle enough for inflammatory conditions such as acne, rosacea and even eczema, whilst visibly correcting sun damage, pigmentation and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

However, Nataliya’s understanding of the complexion goes far beneath the skin’s surface. With qualifications in naturopathic nutrition (CNM on going) , The Confederation of International Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (CIBTAC), a Post-Graduate Diploma in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture/Pharmacology (DCHAc), Auricular acupuncture, certified practitioner of MLD by Dr.Vodder’s Manual Lymph Drainage Face &Neck technique, her method does more than restore a healthy complexion – it promotes a state of equilibrium throughout the entire body.

Pre-treatment Consultation

Prior to starting any treatment, Nataliya carries out a professional consultation in order that she may recommend the most suitable treatment programme tailored to the individual needs of each individual client’s skin. This includes:

  • A detailed skin assessment
  • An understanding of your current diet and lifestyle
  • Dietary, exercise and lifestyle advice to help improve the condition of your skin
  • Your chance to ask any questions

The Best London Facial ; She’ll scrutinise skin – intently, beneath a huge magnifying light that would do any microbiologist proud – before applying special masks to prise open pores, and tackling blemishes…..


She lathers (homemade) calendula flower and aloe vera cleanser onto my cheeks with her silky-soft angel hands. It’s bliss.

The Sunday Time Style, Ellie Austin, journalist

Finding your perfect facialist is the beauty equivalent of hunting down the Holy Grail – near impossible. Locating one who operates outside regular working hours is downright miraculous. Clever us, then for tracking down expert therapist Nataliya Robinson who ticks both boxes and manages to bring you into a state of total bliss in the process.

Maria Milano, Instyle.co.uk

Leading London facialist and skin fixer to the famous, Nataliya Robinson, specialises in holistic and natural acne treatments…


It wasn’t just my face she lifted, it was my entire being. Hands down the best facial I’ve ever had.

Chrissy Iley, journalist to the stars

Her treatments are every bit as robust as the hi-tech alternatives, and get jaw-dropping results. She starts by grading my skin according to the Fitzpatrick scale (a numerical classification for skin colour, it gauges sensitivity to UV light) and gathers a history of my scarring (when and why the scars occurred in the first place). She also assesses lifestyle, personality and menstrual cycle. ‘As we age, our oestrogen levels drop 
and our skin becomes thinner and more vascular,’ she explains as 
she tucks me into layers of goose down and towelling.

Charlotte Edwardes, journalist