Yuki’s Story

Yuki is 21 years old who came to London study I the university, due to stress, new environment (water, food etc.) her skin started to break out. He mother called me from Shanghai to arrange an appointment for Yuki in order to help her daughter with the skin problems she developed while relocating to the

UK from China. Yuki’s mother never wanted her daughterto use any pharmaceutical prescribed drugs instead they decided to have a regular appointment at my practice. Yuki started to have her treatments on monthly basis, at the beginning I used to see her 3 times per month. She followed my advice on food in general (what to eat/what not to eat), along with facial treatments where I utilized my holistic approach to the Acne treatments /skin health in addition she took a few Chinese Herbal formulas to help the skin “inside- out”. She changed her skin care routine and started to use “holistic” skin care, she managed to deal with the stress and recognise where the stress comes from that trigger her skin problems, in addition she learned how to avoid the stress or where is not possible to avoid how to deal with it.

It took her skin about 7 months to heal, to recharged, to become strong and “self-metabolised”. Despite her age and a student lifestyle (late nights, preparation for exams etc.) she does not get as  much breakouts and redness as it used to be before, now Yuki just need to come on monthly basis for a skin treatment to maintain the result.

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