Skin is something that we all have in common. Sometimes it looks good, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it behaves and sometimes it lets us down. But what makes it better is when we can talk about it.

When I was growing up I spent a lot of time worrying about my spots. Everyone had a suggestion when it came to improving their appearance, and I listened to them all. One day an old woman in my town told me that applying urine to my face would help to calm them down! It was then that I realised that not all advice is worth listening to.

But some advice is. The skincare solutions that I plan to share with you here, on my blog – from recipes for masks (using ingredients you can easily find in your kitchen) to tips and tricks to reduce redness, oiliness or blackheads – are all things that I have tried, and benefited from, myself. I know that they work. Try them! (And please feel free to share your own experiences, suggestions or to give your own advice. You never know who it might help).

Less people notice our skin than we realise. (Probably because they are all busy worrying about their own). But when we look into the mirror, the flaws are the first thing that we see. For that reason, when a new client comes to me for a facial, I don’t point out the areas of their skin that are not perfect. Instead, I let them tell me what the problem is.

Here’s an example. A while ago, a young girl came for a treatment. She was telling me about her acne and she started crying. So, I let her cry. Then she started to laugh. And I started to laugh too! There is often a lot of emotion that comes out of these treatments, and it helps sometimes to let go of it. We did a course of facials and many extractions – and now her skin is excellent. And she is happier.

With that in mind, welcome to my blog. I hope that it helps you, that it reassures you – and that most of all, it inspires you.

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