Bubbles on the skin

Sparkling water is surprisingly refreshing for the skin. It cleanses the pores and makes the skin feel plump. Most importantly washing your skin with sparkling water or using it instead of an ordinary toner is beneficial for all skin types without any side effects such as skin irritation when compared to traditional commercial skin care products. 

How does the sparkling water work ? It’s all down to the bubbles which deliver oxygen to the pores and remove bacteria and dirt . In addition this gives the skin a fresh and healthy appearance.
The most effective way to apply sparkling water therapy is:
  • Pour 500ml or 1 litre of sparkling water into a bowl.
  • Immerse your face into the water for 10-20 seconds.
  • Repeat 2-3 times per week in order to see the effects in 1 month or so .

You can also pour the sparkling mineral water into an empty spray bottle and spray it on your face during the day . 

One more option on how to use sparkling mineral water is pour into ice cubes tray and freeze . Use these ice cubes in the morning or before special occasions by applying the cubes to your face in quick circular motions  to refresh the skin and reduce puffiness.

  • Nitesh Murti

    Found this really help full. We will introduce seminar of this type of knowledge in Cosmo Tech Expo

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