Why did you decide to go into skin therapy?

From the age of 13 I suffered from acne. It was my personal experience of suffering from this complaint that led to my ambition of helping other sufferers – and to my eventually working in the skincare industry.

What are your qualifications and experience?

I have worked in skincare for over fifteen years in Russia and England. I first qualified as a beauty therapist whilst in Russia in 1998. My first professional job was working alongside a dermatologist in a skincare clinic. It was here that I first learned how to combine different techniques to successfully treat acne and other skin disorders in teenagers and adults. In 2002 I travelled to London to continue my studies, obtaining the CIBTAC qualification in Beauty Therapy. I decided to stay in this beautiful city, and shortly after qualifying I opened my first skincare clinic at my home in Hampstead.

What do you believe is the secret to good skin?

I have long believed in a holistic treatment of the skin – that healthy skin comes as much from the inside as it does from good treatments and using quality products. My interest in this area led me to study and obtain a further qualification in Sport and Nutrition, because I wanted to understand more on how lifestyle and diet affects the condition of the skin. That’s why an important part of my treatments today includes giving professional advice and a personal plan to my clients on ways of treating their whole body well, which will keep their skin healthy.

What is different about your skin care methods?

I would say it is the way I have designed my own unique skincare treatment methods over the years. For example in The exclusive European Facial
by Nataliya Robinson, I use four different techniques in the process. I know that this achieves the best results for my clients. They know they are effectively getting four treatments for the price of one, which makes them happy and leaves me professionally satisfied that I’m doing my job well. This idea goes for my other treatments too, I will always combine treatments if I know it will leave my client with better-looking, healthier skin. I am very much a believer in the ‘natural’ approach to skin therapy – so all my treatments use gentle and, as far as possible, non-invasive techniques. My goal is always to leave my clients with visibly healthier-looking, beautiful skin.

What techniques do you use?

To bring you the best possible experience I use modern therapy techniques (using the latest technology), alongside more traditional methods – such as Ayurveda massage, acupuncture, and the use of special herbs in the preparation of facial treatments. These are treatments that have been used successfully for over a thousand years. By combining these distinct methods I believe I can deliver the perfect facial treatment experience for you.

Are there any other differences between you and other skincare clinics?

I would say another main difference between myself and other clinics is the personal touch I can offer. My emphasis is on complete relaxation for my clients, so I have personally designed my treatment room with the intention of looking and feeling cosy and homely. This allows my customers to relax and to concentrate only on enjoying the experience.