Kefir Mask/Toner


Most skin types, especially problematic  (however use with care if you have sensitive skin)

Having grown up in Russia, kefir is something I used every day. A fermented milk, it tastes a little like drinking yoghurt and contains many beneficial nutrients, including lactic acid, live bacteria, yeast and several vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Popular in Russia and Eastern Europe, kefir has more recently become a cult product here in the UK too, where people mostly drink it for gut and immune health. I use kefir as a face mask too, as it contains many biologically active ingredients. It moisturises the skin deeply and has a brightening effect.

You can buy bottled kefir in many health stores or you can make fresh kefir yourself using kefir ‘grains’.

How to prepare:

Soak a cotton pad in kefir and wipe the soaked pad over clean facial skin. Wait a few minutes to allow the kefir to nourish your skin, then repeat, and rinse with warm water.


If your skin becomes red or reacts with the kefir in any way, soak a cotton pad in some cool black or chamomile tea and apply to the affected skin. However, if you keep using this mask, your skin will usually stop reacting to it.


Use twice a week if your skin is oily and once a week if your skin is dry (I recommend a course of 10 – 12 masks). Note: do not use this mask daily, as it can cause sensitivity problems.


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