Emily In Paris Is An Audrey Hepburn Fantasy Of French-Girl Beauty

With Skin Care, Consistency Is Key

Any French makeup artist will tell you: The best looks start with beautiful skin. “Keeping Lily’s skin perfect was my goal during those four months filming in Paris,” Payne tells me. “As a makeup artist for almost 20 years, I know that skin care is the most important everyday ritual before makeup. That’s why I needed the best products.”
Payne started by misting Quantum Botanika Herbal Water on Collins’ face before mixing the brand’s hydrating gel with a few drops of facial oil and thoroughly massaging the cocktail into her skin. (The line is from London-based facialist Nataliya Robinson and available in the U.K.) She prepped her lips with the brand’s lip balm, smoothed Collagena Hydrogel Patches (you’ll find them at French pharmacies) under her eyes, and then got to work on her makeup.
By Cat Quinn

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