Fight acne with pro tips by facialist Nataliya Robinson

A world renowned expert on facials, Nataliya Robinson from London gives a low down on how to handle clients with acne prone skin, as published on

Acne is a very complicated skin condition, and one that needs to be treated systematically both in-clinic and at home. There are no formulas that are definitively effective or ineffective for everyone, as there is no one single cause of acne; it has a multitude of causes and triggers. There is no magical cure, and results are varied from case to case.

However, I believe that a holistic approach is the most effective. ‘Holistic’ does not necessarily mean that products must be natural and organic; it is far broader than that.

As a qualified beauty therapist, practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine and naturopathic nutritionist, I have the experience to recommend and utilise a wide range of diverse options for treating this complicated condition, which ensures that I can locate an effective solution for each client.

Prior to treatment, each client goes through a four-page consultation form, answering questions about their health, lifestyle and skin concerns. I perform manual extractions, either on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the client’s specific skin problems, and then prescribe Chinese herbs or apply acupuncture to particular meridian channels.

After the treatment, I ask further questions to improve my understanding of their skin health and habits in order to ensure that the effectiveness of my treatment increases with each visit. I advise that clinicians always take pictures of the client’s skin before starting treatment in order to monitor how and where the breakouts move. It’s also beneficial to both you and the client, because clients tend to forget how poor their skin was before commencing treatment. The pictures will remind them of the improvements being made and the effectiveness of the treatment.

Also, when dealing with acne, never maintain the same treatment if the client doesn’t present any results after the first appointment. Continue trying new tactics and treatments until you notice a clear result. It’s important to be strict with clients and never give up. Clients with acne have usually tried just about everything, and sometimes you can be their last hope. In this case, it’s very important to explain to them that the result will be not only up to you, but up to the client as well.

Although everyone’s acne is different and should be treated uniquely, general ways everyone can improve their skin health is to avoid over-exercising, eating poorly and enduring too much stress.

Nataliya Robinson is a holistic facialist who practices in London, and founder of Quantum Botanika modern botanical skincare.

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