Why Melting Formulas Are Skincare’s Latest Obsession

The latest beauty craze from East Asia – alchemic, melt-into-your-skin formulas – promises clearer, smoother, healthier complexions. Does it really work? Vogue investigates.

There’s a new category of beauty product you need to make space for on your shelf. Forget serums, oils, creams, gels or even essences; this latest innovation is “melting formulas”, which transform themselves during use – from solid into liquid, gel into oil, water into milk. Like many beauty trends, their origins can be traced to Korea and Japan, but the products aren’t just about alchemic wizardry: experts claim they’re gentler, more easily absorbed by the skin and able to fight everything from breakouts to fine lines. Voguelooks at the ones to try now.

“Melting cleansers are wonderful because you apply them first on your fingers and this allows the product to adjust to your body’s temperature, enabling it to penetrate the skin, and lift dirt and pollution more effectively without stripping the skin’s protective layer,” explains Quantum Botanika founder Nataliya Robinson.

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