Why you need to add sea plankton to your skincare regime for flawless skin in 2018

Sebastian once said: “Darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter, under the sea.”

And god damn that little red lobster was right.

The big blue has already given us a hair styling hero in the form of sea salt sprays and now skincare products utilising sea ingredients are making their mark.

First it was black pearl, but now get ready to say hello to sea plankton. Or if you want to sound super smart: Bioplasma and arginine ferrulate, which are extracted from the organisms and used as anti-ageing and moisture-retaining ingredients.

How? Well, the ocean is extremely salty, right? So something that is able to survive in such a high salinity environment and sustain many large animals as the main food source must be nutrient dense and packed full of minerals and amino acids, RIGHT? Or have we just been drinking the sea water?

Marine Peel Facial £190 Nataliya Robinson

Containing key ingredients such as smashed corals, sea salt and liquorice extract, the Marine Peel Facial is described by facialist Nataliya as a natural alternative to Microdermabrasion and helps to smooth skin texture and reduce acne-related pigmentation.

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