Protein Face Mask with Egg White – oily, dry, wrinkled skin.


Egg white is pure protein that contains albumin, a substance that helps protect against viruses. Another ingredient in egg white called Lysozyme is an effective exfoliator that also tones the skin. Egg white tightens pores, lifts and tightens, and makes skin smoother. It’s particularly good for oily skin with wide pores (the egg white absorbs the excess sebum), but also for wrinkles – especially fine lines around the eyes.

This mask is popular with my clients, one of whom used to suffer from constant breakouts. I recommended she try this mask, and she now loves the effect it has on her skin. She even took a couple of eggs in her make-up bag while travelling to Paris by Eurostar, as she wanted to whip up a quick egg white mask before attending an important event.

Another benefit of this mask is it’s so easy to use.


How to prepare: whisk an egg white until it becomes a foam, then apply all over your face and the upper part of your neck. When the mask dries it will look like cling film on your skin. Try not to move your facial muscles while the mask is drying, and if possible, lie down. Leave on for about 15 – 20 minutes, then rinse with water.

For oily skin:add a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice to enhance the mask’s pore-reducing effect.

For dry skin:if your skin looks dull and lifeless, add some good-quality honey. Then apply to your skin three to five minutes after first applying skin cream.


For wrinkled skin:Apply an extra layer of the mask on wrinkled areas.

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