Nataliya Robinson Holistic Aesthetic Academy

Nataliya Robinson Holistic Aesthetic Academy

 Nataliya Robinson Holistic Aesthetic Academy 

  Leverages Nataliya’s years of experience, her uniquely holistic and botanical approach and her authority within the skincare industry, offering practitioners the chance to learn and fine-tune skincare and massage techniques. This specialised holistic training enables professionals to take their careers to the next level, and equips beginners with a GTi Professional Standards accredited intensive course they need to get their skincare practitioner journey off to the best possible start.

The Academy is therefore offering two courses:

  • The Natural Facelift Massage course is designed for qualified practitioners.
  • The Face Treatment training course (accredited by GTi Professional Standards) is the intensive introduction beginners require before obtaining their insurance to start practising.

    Nataliya shares insider knowledge and results-driven methods used on clients, which make her unique within the skincare industry. You will learn hands-on techniques that Nataliya has finessed over the years, as well as the science and approaches underpinning them.



Professionals’ Courses:

The Natural Facelift Massage Training (full day-a whole facial routine)

Curated and led by Nataliya Robinson, this full day intensive course involves hands-on, vocational training for qualified practitioners and beauty therapists to learn and fine-tune the art of manipulating facial muscles, the neck and head to achieve that non-invasive skin-lifting effect. You will learn hands-on techniques that Nataliya has finesses over the years, as well as the science and approaches underpinning them.

Course Details:

This course is designed and carefully developed for classes of up to 8 therapists (one to one training is available) , all sharing a passion for facial massage and a desire to take their skill set to the next level. Nataliya will teach the key techniques for performing the facelift massage on a variety of skin types.

Therapists will learn how to effectively manipulate the face muscles to achieve optimum results.

Nataliya will teach the key techniques for performing the facelift massage on different skin types and skin conditions,including:rosacea ,acne (cystic),sensitive skin, puffy eyes, puffy face.

Including face massage techniques for clients with facial fillers and/or Botox.

       Beginners’ Course: The Face Treatment / Qualification 

   Curated and led by Nataliya Robinson, The Face Treatment training is designed for beginners, equipping them with the foundational skills they need to build a successful career as a skincare specialist. This hyper-personalised course ensures beginners will learn the important basics of facial massage and muscle manipulation, anatomy & physiology, extractions, exfoliation, supporting these new skills with knowledge and holistic practice. In addition to techniques, Nataliya will share her insider tips on client management, as well as industry secrets required to develop into a confident and successful practitioner.

  This course has been designed to precede The Natural Facelift Massage Course – a chance to take facial massage skills to the next level and enhance treatment menus to attract more clients.

More about the course:

Module List 

  • Introduction, Reception, Consultation and Ventilation
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • The Cellular System
  • The Muscular System
  • The Nervous System
  • The Skeletal System
  • The Cardiovascular System and The Lymphatic System
  • Contraindications and Contra Actions
  • Skin Conditions
  • Preparation
  • Skin Types & Product Selection
  • Treatment
  • Facial Technique, Cleanse, Tone, Steam & Extract
  • Facial Technique Massage
  • Facial Technique Mask, Moisturise & Eye Care
  • Treatment Adaptations & Aftercare
  • Practical Module

This course covers the technique for performing a superficial and deep cleanse, tone, steam, extract, massage, mask and moisturisation. It also includes fantastic anatomy and physiology resources with clear diagrams and images. Health and safety guidance is covered as well as skin conditions, skin analysis and advice about different skin types as well as guidance as to which type of product is suitable for use.

CPD Points


Qualification Obtained:

GTi Award

  The vocational nature of this Academy makes it particularly special. Participants will learn directly from Nataliya, whose twenty years of experience treating a wide variety of skin types and conditions makes her a truly superb teacher.

  Moreover, having successfully run a skin clinic and skincare business, her ability to combine business acumen with skincare knowledge and a deep-set passion for improving the skin of clients is inspiring. Nataliya is always happy to share her experiences and knowledge with her students, answering any questions they may have.


Nataliya Robinson Holistic Aesthetic Academy is accredited by the prestigious Complementary Medical Association ( C.M.A). Courses are accredited by BeautyGuild and GTi Professional Standards).

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