The Caviar Facial by AnnaDutch

The Caviar Facial by AnnaDutch

Intense hydration and anti-ageing combine in this luxurious facial treatment.

Best for: Restoring firmness and elasticity, whilst boosting skin cell health.

Treatment: A bespoke protocol, including gentle extraction, acupressure massage and finishing with a mask of Russian sturgeon cosmetic caviar, rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamins A, B, C, D and E, to strengthen the lipid barrier and lock in moisture.

Results: Skin appears youthful and deeply nourished; the complexion is immediately smoother and more supple.

As seen in Evening Standard by Emma Maccarthy, journalist.

1 treatmentCost: £300

by appointment only



Her treatments are every bit as robust as the hi-tech alternatives, and get jaw-dropping results. She starts by grading my skin according to the Fitzpatrick scale (a numerical classification for skin colour, it gauges sensitivity to UV light) and gathers a history of my scarring (when and why the scars occurred in the first place). She also assesses lifestyle, personality and menstrual cycle. ‘As we age, our oestrogen levels drop 
and our skin becomes thinner and more vascular,’ she explains as 
she tucks me into layers of goose down and towelling.

Charlotte Edwardes, journalist

It wasn’t just my face she lifted, it was my entire being. Hands down the best facial I’ve ever had.

Chrissy Iley, journalist to the stars