Natural Face Lift Massage

Natural Face Lift Massage

This treatment is great for immediately lifting and toning the face ahead of your special occasion. After only one session you will feel like your face has had a refreshing break and holiday from city life and our daily problems. Great for :

  • facial & neck puffiness
  • tense facial & neck muscles (including TMJ)
  • dry & dull skin
  • skin conditions including rosacea and sensitive skin
  • lack of muscle tone

The Natural Face Lift Massage can be performed on clients with fillers & Botox.

Best for: Unlocking tension in the facial muscles, clearing toxins and giving the face a good workout!

Treatment: A variety of massage techniques follow a full cleanse and exfoliation. Natural oils are used to gently lift and manipulate facial muscles, boosting endorphin production and invigorating tired skin.

Results: The face looks – and feels – instantly relaxed; anxiety and restlessness fade.


1 treatment /60 minutesCost: £300

by appointment only