Vegan Facial

Vegan Facial

Using ingredients sourced from nature to nurture and care for the skin.

Best for: Clearing, brightening and soothing skin from the inside-out.

Treatment: Exfoliation using naturally-derived blueberry, lemon and sugar cane, followed by a deep cleanse. Inflammation is cooled using an organic chamomile compress, aloe vera or antioxidant-rich seaweed, whilst an acupressure massage re-energises both the face and body.

Results: The skin feels reborn and looks visibly brighter and hydrated.

“I float out into the street feeling relaxed, refreshed and incredibly clean. Nataliya presses a tiny bottle of orange powder into my palm. “I can’t tell you what’s in it”, she whispers. “It’s a secret. But you’ll never get spots on your chin again.” . She’s right – within 24 hours my skin looks clear, bright and healthier than ever and the spots on my chin, which I’ve battled with for years, have completely vanished. This former skincare refusenik is about to become horribly high-maintenance. – As seen in “The Sunday Times ” Style by Ellie Austin journalist”. 


1 treatmentCost: £220

by appointment only



She lathers (homemade) calendula flower and aloe vera cleanser onto my cheeks with her silky-soft angel hands. It’s bliss.

The Sunday Time Style, Ellie Austin, journalist